These unique cutting boards are created from the curved laminations used to make maple skateboards. 
In the cutting and shaping process of skateboard manufacturing, pieces of 3D-laminated hard maple get wasted. While most companies throw these clean offcuts away, award-winning designer and craftsman Lorren L. Hammond was fascinated by the possibilities in their strength and unique geometry.

DSC03979Lorren wanted to expand the possible uses of these shapes. He designed a special cold-steel press that exerts 40,000 lbs of pressure to recombine the offcuts into a larger material that retains the original curvature of the skateboard. This exciting new material, which we call Sk8wood, can be used to make many kinds of products both sculptural and functional. These cutting boards are the debut of the Sk8wood family of designs! 

DSC03981Sugar maple cutting blocks have been the choice of serious chefs for centuries. These cutting boards take the strength and beauty of maple to a new dimension, where curve is cool.

Boards are available in both full- and half-sizes. 


Cutting boards are oiled with our special food-grade oils that are not vegetable-derived, and will not become rancid. This is proper oil for all your wooden surfaces and implements in the kitchen. 

DSC03976Please be kind to ALL your wooden cutting boards and implements in the kitchen: never put anything wooden in the dishwasher. Ever. This environment is far too harsh! Wipe wood surfaces with a warm damp cloth and let them dry with air to both sides. Bacteria dies on dry surfaces. Checking and splitting of wood comes from water being absorbed, which causes swelling, then evaporating, which causes rapid shrinking and checking/splitting. The food-grade oil in the wood prevents absorption of liquids (the wood is “full”). As use and cleaning washes the oil away, replenish it by wiping with a paper towel soaked in mineral oil.